Input: Insights

“We didn’t start the fire”

Blaming our generations only creates alienation, resistance and inertia. 

  • The environmental emergency is our #1 priority to address, but while the worst escalation has been in the last 30 years, our generations have inherited problems whose ultimate sources date back millennia. 
  • Creating sustainability ‘for future generations’ by imposing austerity on those alive now is a big ask for many of the population. 

We need to be a bit kinder to ourselves, without absolving us of our responsibility to tackle the climate emergency.

“We want to avert chaos
in our lifetimes”

Regardless of political or cultural beliefs, none of us want to experience the worst consequences of climate change.

  • Consensus can be built around the need to respond to demonstrable environmental degradation, regardless of its causes.
  • We’re not doing this for ‘the planet’ — nature is indifferent to our predicament. We’re primarily doing this for ourselves, our children and our grandchildren.

We can leverage that self-interest.

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