We can still be preserving the future without forgetting the ‘now’.

Despite resources getting depleted, we’re going to need to carry on consuming. So when we do, we can be consciously enjoying it and expressing our thanks.

  • Austerity is a waste of resources and opportunity – if we don’t invest care and attention into each design decision and just go for mindless simplification, it’s almost as bad as squandering resources on wasteful excesses.
  • We need to find ways to make the ‘hair shirt’ we’re going to need into a look we actually all want.
  • It’s quite possible that for the coming generations, their only experience of the world will be against the backdrop of the environmental emergency. That shouldn’t rob them of an appreciation of the beauty of existence, and of what we are all fighting to preserve.
  • ‘Celebration’ is the antidote to nihilism.

Striving to create beauty, not the mundane. 

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