Pushing ourselves to go further, untethered from the past.

The future should look different.

  • Embodying new environmentally responsible principles.
  • Not constrained into harmonising with the aesthetics of the exploitative past.
  • Making a strong positive contrast to outdated thinking and behaviours.

The future should stick out, not like a sore thumb, but a healing one.

Being aware that diverse and unorthodox thinking is required to unlock complex solutions.

  • Keeping ourselves on our toes, so we don’t rest on our laurels.
  • Applying local solutions to global challenges, rather than accepting imposed universal standards. 
  • Encouraging diversity so that we ‘break step’, like soldiers crossing a bridge, to avoid concentrations of consumption that stress resources, rather than encouraging us all to demand the same thing at the same time.

Promoting a culture of dissent to avoid suffocating conformity.

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